About me and my project

Hi, I am Cristina, an Italian girl passionate about Italian cooking.

The idea to create a blog of Italian food in English language, comes from my experience abroad, as well as from web.

In fact, while surfing in the web, I have found many Italian recipes, such as the famous “Pasta Alfredo”, which does not exist in Italy.

And above all, it does not represent Italian cuisine at all! Indeed, I have often travelled in the UK, as my sister lives and works there.

So I had the chance to understand how it is difficult to find real Italian food abroad. Mainly, I have also realised how much people abroad love and appreciate our Italian cuisine!

My purpose is to share with you all my passion for the Italian cuisine! Here, I will introduce you to the real flavour of traditional Italian food through classic and ancient recipes.

These recipes are a treasure of knowledge that have been passed on to me from my Italian mother and my grandmothers.

Throught the last 20 years, I enriched my cooking experience discovering and learning new recipes, attending different cooking courses.

If you are willing to discover the authentic Italian cuisine, you are in the right place! If you follow me, you will discover the authentic traditional, classic, easy, and healthy Italian food!

Any example?

You will know the real recipes of Spaghetti Carbonara, Lasagne, Bolognese sauce, Tiramisù and much more!

Easy and quick recipes which, if you follow them step by step, will allow you to cook real and wonderful dishes of the real Italian tradition!

In this photo you can see Cristina on a vespa in Italy

Please contact me for any further information