In this section you will find many ideas for a nice Italian aperitif or for different appetizers/starters to start your meal in a great way! All recipes are easy, quick, tasty and described step by step. You can find starters / appetizers of all kinds:

Quick appetizersIn the kitchen, time is a key element but it is often necessary to be multitasking: many friends for dinner, many dishes to be prepared at the same time and no one who is ever around to help out! Then discover the appetizers to prepare in less than half an hour, the perfect mozzarella and ham bruschetta with a flute of good prosecco or even the pizza puff pastry twists breadsticks even faster to make! If, on the other hand, you love serving the typical cold cuts of your region, you could accompany them with a delicious piadina!

Fish appetizersRefined, sophisticated or simple, to be enjoyed alone: how do you prefer fish dishes? In this section we suggest some seafood appetizers, from the most classic such as the warm octopus and potato salad, soft and fragrant, to the delicious fried anchovies. Or you can choose finger food seafood appetizers such as smoked salmon rolled and crostini with salmon and soft cheese.

Delicious appetizersColor your dinners with easy-to-share snacks, to be enjoyed as finger food or presented in a graceful way. Try for example the delicious gnocco fritto with cured meat! For your vegetarian friends we recommend the tasty savory pies such as potato and red pepper pie or the zucchini pie or the sunflower spinach and ricotta puff pastry pie, good and scenographic! And for all other fried lovers you can’t miss my fried anchovies and the legendary panzerotti!

Cold appetizersFor your midsummer parties or for those who love raw foods in particular, we have collected many different proposals: for example, Italian-style devil eggs, with my mother’s unique recipe, or sweet and sour onions.

Summer appetizers: The summer: the desire for lightness and freshness, to consume quick dishes such as the classic Italian caprese salad or Prosciutto e melone.

Starters for the holidaysobviously appetizers for special occasions such as Christmas or Easter cannot be missing. I guarantee you will surely find them all delicious!

Remember that in Italian cuisine the appetizers are not to be underestimated. In fact it is what opens the lunch and a good appetizer is the prelude to an excellent lunch. I recommend you try to be consistent in the menu you choose to propose to your guests; try not to mix fish and meat dishes in the same meal. If the appetizer you are proposing is fish based, the other courses must also be.

All the appetizers you find in this section are also perfect for an aperitif. In recent years in Italy, aperitifs are all the rage and I confess that I love them! And I often organize them myself at home with my friends. I prepare many small appetizers and serve them with a good glass of Italian wine or an excellent cocktail. Try the delicious recipes in this section and let me know which starters / appetizers you prefer!