Your Christmas menu with Mamma mia che buono. Christmas is traditionally the celebration of the family and of being together, of dedicating time to the people you love. And the kitchen is the perfect place to show all our affection in creating something good.

The Christmas menu is the prince of this holiday and is part of the ritual of every year, the moment in which we find ourselves organizing: the aunt does this, the grandmother does that, we entrust the cousin with the appetizers and you have to think about the sister-in-law who eats vegetarian only. At Christmas at the table, no one can be unhappy.

Christmas is celebrated with recipes, dishes, customs and gastronomic habits that vary from region to region, in Italy; one point in common, however, is the richness of the menus and the desire to savor good food in company, with unforgettable lunches and dinners during which to enjoy numerous delicious courses.

The Christmas table is perhaps the most important holiday table, with a magical atmosphere and crazy scents.

For this reason, I have selected for you many easy and tasty recipes to allow you to prepare a complete Christmas menu at home. Many proposals and ideas among which you will find the right inspiration to choose and prepare the dishes for your Christmas lunch.

But you can easily replicate it even on other holidays and why not, even for the New Year’s Eve dinner!

I thought of a complete menu, from appetizers to desserts, with more choices for each course, and I also included some ideas suitable for those who follow a vegetarian diet. Some recipes, then, can just be replicated as if they were vegetarian, just remove or replace all the animal ingredients from the preparation. So everyone can choose and combine the dishes they prefer.

Many of the dishes, as always, can be prepared in advance as always and then frozen, in order to optimize production times. Here, then, are the recipes I have chosen for this Christmas Menu.


I proposed both seafood and land appetizers. The seafood appetizers are light, fresh and leave room for everything to come. As appetizers of land, in addition to cold cuts, cheeses I offer you other small mouth-watering bites. A self-respecting Christmas lunch has a nice rich appetizer and among these ideas there is certainly the right one to make your Christmas table greedy from the very first bite.

First dishes

There are those who prefer rich pastas and those who love lighter recipes, those who stay with tradition and those who seek novelty. Among these proposals, you will certainly find one or more dishes to put on your Christmas menu this year.

Second courses

In such an important lunch or dinner, the risk is that the second dish is already too sated. The best way to prevent this from happening is to bring an irresistible second course to the table, accompanying it with a greedy side dish.


If you want an alternative to the classic Pandoro or Panettone, try an unusual but tasty and delicious dessert as only Christmas can be.

As you can see, Mamma mia che buono offers you many ideas on a single page to choose from to get inspiration and prepare easy and delicious recipes for your festive lunches and dinners.

Take your time and choose the right recipes with which to celebrate Christmas at the table.

I send you my most sincere wishes for a Merry Christmas and I hope you like this menu too and add a little serenity to your holidays. Listen to me! Then let me know which recipes you have made!