Do you like me to cook and above all to eat desserts? On Mamma mia che buono you find a complete collection of Sweet Recipes! A detailed sweet recipe book, ingredients and procedures tested and explained with step-by-step photos; to cook the best desserts quick and easy to serve as dessert, for breakfast or snack! From the classics of Italian cuisine such as Tiramisu to summer desserts with fresh fruit or even the delicious Italian pastries. You will find simple desserts such as Ciambelloni, Cold cakes, but also cakes for special occasions such as birthdays or other holidays! Also discover the delicious shortcrust pastry tarts, puff pastry, brisée, stuffed with the ingredients you like best! Choose from simple, decorated, fast biscuits, for all tastes! Choose among the chocolate sweets: dark, milk with nutella! that children adore so much!

Quick sweets:

Craving for dessert but little time available? In the morning, perhaps, when you are running and to give the right energy it would be enough to prepare soft apple yogurt muffins! And for an impromptu tea with friends at the last minute? 15 minutes will be enough to bake sweet and crumbly puff pastry apple tart! But the real challenge will be a quick dessert for a romantic evening! In these cases, the always hits! A sweet sin of gluttony, like all the quick desserts you will find in this delicious section!

Spoon desserts:

All the sweetness in a spoon: try to sink it into the coffee mousse or the most famous Italian dessert in the world: tiramisu. And you can’t really miss my aunt Armanda’s recipe, which prepares the black and white mascarpone cream for every family lunch.

Chocolate sweets:

Loved for all ages, comfort food par excellence: chocolate, fabulous whether tasted alone or dipped in soft doughs and creams. Whenever I feel the craving for chocolate, I prepare the tenerina cake, which literally melts in your mouth! And what about the lindt chocalate tarte, a real delicacy. I also love pairing fruit with chocolate like the chocolate pears cake, my dad’s favorite! If you are not very good in the kitchen, the dessert for you is the chocolate salami, very easy, but at the same time very good!

Cold sweets:

A fresh and delicious break is what we need when the heat begins to be felt. Nothing better than a cold dessert, perhaps without cooking. So you don’t even have to turn on the oven, as in the case of biscuit ice cream. What about the fresh lemon tart and the strowberries cream roll.


Everyone has their sweet heart, especially the one they usually celebrate their birthday with! Mine is the tenerina cake, which is not only always present at my parties, but I always prepare it for the birthday of my nephew Jacopo, who loves it! And for those who prefer to always have the recipe in mind, nothing could be easier than remembering the doses of the 7 jar cake! A jar of yogurt is enough to measure all the other ingredients! While for those who are always in a hurry, the soft cake orange cream meets the little time to devote: everything is poured together in the mixer and the beauty is that you can vary to the citrus fruits you prefer. The list of cakes made in Mamma Mia’s kitchen that is good is very long and gets richer every day! You just have to choose the one you prefer!