Do you love Italy and its culture?

Apart visiting the country, the best way to know Italian culture is through its food. Here, you are on the right path to discover the real Italian flavour!

My name is Cristina and I am from Italy. If you follow me, I will bring you on a fabulous journey to discover the real Italian food. For Italians, the main meals as dinner and lunch are very important.

For us, it is a moment in which people are able to gather with friends and family to enjoy good food and good company.

How is the typical Italian meal?

The typical Italian meal starts with antipasti (appetizers): often, they are small and tasty, perfect to start a meal.

Usually, the meal continues with the primi (first dishes). Mainly, the basic ingredients of these Italian specialities are pasta or rice.

Some popular examples of Italian first dishes are spaghetti in tomato sauce; spaghetti carbonara; gnocchi, lasagna, etc. But there is much more to discover in our primi!

After a good first dish, usually we  have the secondi (the second dishes). Mainly, they are made of meat or fish, but we have also a lot of vegetarian dishes!

The most famous Italian second dishes in the world are Saltimbocca alla romana; polpette al sugo (meatballs in sauce); or the parmigiana di melanzane (Aubergine Parmesana). You cant’ finish your Italian meal without a a dessert!

Have you ever heard about tiramisù? Well, it is the most famous Italian dessert around the world! But there is much more than that!

In fact, Italian cuisine is plenty of desserts: so you can try a lot of different ones and find your favourite! After all these delicaties, we finish our meal with an espresso caffe or a digestivo.

The latter is a small glass of liquor which – as the name suggests – will help you to digest the generous meal!

What should you know about Italian cuisine?

An important thing to know about Italian food is that it offers a great variety! Every region is proud to have its own typical products and traditional recipes.

In each part of the country the food is unique and different from other areas. For example, tortellini is the typical dish of Bologna; in the region Emilia Romagna.

You can find them in other places in Italy, but they are not tasty like the one you find in the area of origin. So, when you travel in different parts of Italy, keep in mind these differences and ask always what is the typical dish of the area that you are visiting!

In this way, you will eat always real and traditional Italian food.

Some advise to cook a perfect Italian dish

If you want to start cooking Italian food, it is important to chose excellent ingredients. Remember that cooking a perfect Italian dish means always to chose fresh products of good quality.

In order to cook perfect, traditional, and authentic Italian food, you should always have in your kitchen these ingredients: olive oil (extra virgin olive oil is better, if you find it); garlic and onion to prepare the sauces; pasta (possibly, Italian); and Parmesan.

I suggest you also to keep at home some fresh herbs (such as basil, bay leaves, rosemary, oregano, etc.) as in the traditional, authentich Italian food are very used to give a special flavour to the dishes. The rich smell of these herbs will bring you directly to Italy!

So, are you ready to start this journey within the traditional Italian couisine and to learn how to cook real Italian dishes?

Ok, let’s start!

What does “Mamma mia che buono” offer?

You know, the web is full of every kind of recipe! As well, you can find many Italian recipes! Mostly, they are not original and they do not represent the real Italian cuisine!

Mamma mia che buono will help you to discover the the real and authentic Italian home cooking and many things you didn’t know about traditional Italian food.

You will find a collection of classic Italian recipes and the best italian food recipes to realize dishes rich of taste and flavour! I’ll bring you in the discovery of the real, authentic, traditional Italian couisine  through recipes hand down by Italian mothers and grandmothers.

These are my roots and my heritage and I keep it with care to pass it on to all the people who wish to learn the authentic art of Italian cuisine!

Clearly, you will find the most famous Italian Dishes, delicious Italian Pasta recipes (such as mom’s homemade spaghetti; pasta Carbonara; Bolognese Sauce, Lasagna).

Also, you will learn to make the famous italian pizza; fantastic meatballs and sausage recipes; tiramisù and much more!

You will discover the menus for special occasions and easy recipes, as well as a section dedicated to healthy Italian food and vegetarian recipes.

You will have the chance to discover a great variety of italian recipes, and I guarantee that are all easy and quick recipes, explained step by step.

I describe the recipes with photos and videos and I always offer some tips to cook simple and savory dishes that will literally conquer your guests!

Most important, I have tried personally all the recipes I propose in this site, in order to provide you the best result. You will re-discover yourself as a great chef!

You will be able to cook easily dishes of Italian tradition such as lasagne, carbonara, amatriciana, bolognese sauce, meatballs, tiramisù and much more!

Follow me and it will be easy for you to cook real and authentic Italian food!

Are you ready to cook with me?

Search in my web site easy recipes for dinner, lunch, or dessert and open a bottle of good Italian wine!

Come on, let’s cook Italian!!! Cheers!