First courses are the courses that follow the appetizers, the main dishes that are served on the table, the undisputed protagonists of Italian cuisine, which stand out for their incredible variety and infinite combinations.

In this section you will find a wide range of First Course Recipes with photos or videos and step by step process, many have their roots in the Italian tradition, others are the result of experimentation and daily needs, and you can choose between first courses for all occasions, from everyday ones to those for big parties.


From good pasta to rustic and nutritious soups – truly unbeatable comfort food -, from the great traditional classics, such as lasagna, carbonara, amatriciana, up to creative ideas.

What is your favorite first course of Italian cuisine? Try to follow my recipes of Italian first courses step by step and you will see that you will easily make the dishes of authentic Italian cuisine!



Pasta is one of the symbols of Italian cuisine. A true Italian cannot really do without it! In fact, when I am abroad, the Italian food I miss most is pasta, in particular spaghetti with tomato sauce, simple but delicious! In any case, it is difficult to know how to say no to a good plate of pasta, rich and tasty at the right point. There is always a recipe suitable for every season and perfect for every occasion: Sunday lunch, a special dinner, a feast day, or simply a family lunch during the week.

Pasta always makes you leave the table satisfied, it never disappoints! That’s why I wanted to create a section completely dedicated to pasta recipes. I hope they can help and inspire you to find new ideas and always try something tasty and appetizing to cook.

Pasta is a main ingredient of Italian cuisine, there are many shapes and types of pasta: spaghetti, farfalle, penne, fusilli, tagliatelle, linguine, gnocchi, fettuccine, cannelloni, lasagne… each of which can be prepared in a thousand different ways, depending on your taste and preferences. The recipes I propose are quick and easy to make and will allow you all to prepare rich and tasty Italian first courses.


Soups are first courses, generally based on vegetables and / or legumes. Healthy and tasty, perfect for those who care about their health or who follow a vegetarian diet. Soups can be prepared with various ingredients that make the dish not only greedy, but also delicious. Generally they are prepared during the winter months, because they are hot and substantial dishes, real comfort food! But I love them so much that I eat them even in hot weather.

In this section you will find a wide range of easy Soup Recipes with photos and step by step, tasty and comforting.


Rice is one of the most consumed foods in the world, it is often substituted and preferred to pasta due to its greater lightness and digestibility. There are many types of rice on the market, including Arborio, Carnaroli, Ribe, Basmati, Venere rice, Parboiled, Vialone nano, just to name a few … Depending on the type of recipe to prepare it is good use a specific type of rice, for example to make Italian risottos, a rice like Carnaroli or Vialone nano, which perfectly keep cooking in the various phases, will be ideal.