Fish, a food rich in flavor and very versatile, with it you can create countless delicious main courses. In this section you will find the best second courses of fish, sea bass, sole, sea bream, plaice, squid and much more prepared in a simple way, with genuine ingredients, as required by the tradition of Italian cuisine. Everyday main courses, or suitable for special occasions. There are many methods of cooking fish; a preparation capable of enhancing all the principles of typical Mediterranean cuisine sees fish steaks combined with baked tomatoes and olives, but there is no shortage of baked fish recipes, particularly suitable when you want to keep all the aromas of a tasty dish unaltered and tasty. Among the side dishes to combine with a fish dish there are boiled vegetables, such as spinach or chard, artichokes, or even capers when you create stewed fish main courses (for example a nice pan of cod Livorno style).

Another much-loved preparation in the kitchen involves frying. In this case it is necessary to proceed first with a batter or breading depending on the type of fish: a batter will be needed for frying squid, shrimp and squid, while for a fried sole a breading will be perfect. If fried fish are well suited as street food, when you think about organizing a standing buffet you can focus on fish skewers. Ideal for giving an exclusive charm to the table, they are also suitable for standing consumption.

To cook it at its best, it is ideal to accompany it with flavors that enhance its taste, first of all parsley, an aromatic herb that goes well with it. Chives, oregano and sage also go well with salmon, swordfish and tuna, what matters is not to overwhelm the taste of this delicious food that truly offers us many recipe possibilities. It must also be taken into account that fish is a food low in fat, therefore the main courses of the sea, in most cases are light dishes that do not weigh down, ideal for our physical health also considering the benefits that this food brings being rich in Omega three, vitamins, minerals, phosphorus and selenium.

Do you want to amaze with your dishes? Here are my best fish main courses recipes!

By now everyone knows that fish is a food that is very good for health and experts recommend consuming it at least two or three times a week. Always inventing new ways to cook it is not that easy. Then read Mamma mia’s recipes that are good for fish main courses and you will surely find the right idea for you. There are just for all tastes; light like sea bass in a salt crust, delicious like sea bass baked in foil with cherry tomatoes, potatoes, olives or traditional ones like stewed cuttlefish with peas. Each second dish will bring a little bit of the scent of the sea to the table and, all explained step by step, the recipes will amaze you and your guests.

With the simple Mamma mia che buono proposals you can create excellent and very successful dishes. Try it!