In this section we want to give you some Valentine’s Day recipes that can be used for a dinner strictly for two, on the evening of lovers: February 14th.

If you prefer to spend this party in your privacy, there is nothing better than making the routine like a special event. Very few tricks are enough: a table set differently, a few candles here and there, well-finished and sexy clothing and a special menu prepared with your own hands.

We give you ideas for Valentine’s Day Recipes …. take care of the rest!

Have you already decided what you will cook for Valentine’s Day dinner? If the partner is also to be taken by the throat, why not organize a dinner especially for him? So I thought I’d suggest a menu that from appetizer to dessert will amaze those in your heart at every course.

For the lovers’ party menu there are those who prefer to rely on all fish dishes … I who love it then almost always choose this option so I decided to offer you a Valentine’s day fish menu of aperitifs, appetizers, first courses and of course second courses to amaze your partner.

So, everyone is crazy about fish, especially on Valentine’s Day. Now that the party of lovers is really around the corner, all that remains is to run away, roll up your sleeves and delight the palate of our partner or your partner with a delicious fish-based menu. It takes time, of course, a certain care and attention in choosing the dishes to bring to the table, but the result is really assured and after a dinner like the one we have designed for you, it will no longer be able to say no.

The Valentine’s Day menu that we propose provides that all the main courses are obviously based on fish.

This fish-based menu is rich but without weighing it down.

On the occasion of the day of lovers, Mamma mia che buono has selected 4 recipes that will form your fish-based menu, obviously all Italian recipes.

For an appetizer I suggest the fish balls with cream of beans, elegantly served in a small glass. This recipe is very clever; you can prepare the meatballs days in advance and freeze them. You just have to defrost them the night before and just put them in the oven on Valentine’s Day! So you won’t get tired in the evening!

First, I propose a dish that I love and that I often make on special occasions: pasta with shrimp and zucchini. Here, too, you can prepare the sauce in advance and when your sweetheart arrives for dinner, all you have to do is throw the pasta away!

As a second course, I recommend the sea bass baked in foil, easy, fast and impressive.

The dessert will make you end your dinner in a light and fresh way: a nice silt tart will be perfect!

I recommend accompanying the dishes with a dry Italian white wine served very cold.

Discover them all in this collection.

I just have to wish you a happy Valentine’s Day.


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