For us it is All Saints’ Eve, it is the night that comes before the party and it is also that of Halloween witches and monsters, an American tradition that also has roots in our country.

After all, Halloween is just an excuse like any other to treat yourself to a few moments of lightness and exorcise with a little irony what scares us most. It is liked by children and also by adults who have not forgotten that they were, it is fun and this is enough to love it without reserve.

During this beautiful period house parties, bewitched buffets and dinners with friends and relatives are organized. Everything in line with the thrill party, even the table must respect some fundamental rules. The watchword is: “amaze”. Amaze everyone with lots of different quick and easy-to-make Halloween recipes to prepare a terrifying thrill table.

Every year I enjoy creating scary good recipes. Fingerfood, first courses, main courses, sweets, now there is enough to organize an entire dinner. So if you are looking for Halloween menu ideas you are in the right place.

Halloween recipes: bewitch with taste!

Halloween is a holiday that falls right in the middle of autumn, when the pumpkin is king of the tables. It is easy to find it at the supermarket and, being in season, it is fresh and has no disproportionate cost. We can therefore use it for many different easy recipes for Halloween, to enrich the table and give an extra note of color to our dishes.

And when you think of Halloween, the first thing that comes to mind, after witches and terrifying decorations, is sweet. Pancakes, cakes, pies and sweet cookies for Halloween, but also to be prepared for many different occasions.

For Halloween try making pumpkin sfogliatelle, with puff pastry and apricot jam. Light and genuine, it is perfect for an everyday breakfast.

You can also make witch fingers as quick and easy Halloween treats. Really scary and very easy to prepare, you just need to have sandwich bread, jam and almonds at home!

Not just terrifying sweets!

Here are some inspirations for creative and fun themed dishes, scary but not too scary and as always easy to prepare and with simple ingredients.

Sweet and aromatic, pumpkin is a vegetable with a thousand properties. You can use it to prepare tantalizing savory recipes, suitable for everyday lunches and dinners and for special occasions.

During the cold autumn days I often use it to prepare pumpkin muffins, a quick and easy recipe, ideal to be served as a tasty savory snack or to accompany creamy velvety or warm evening soups. The intense orange color of this bread will bring the symbolic color of pumpkin and autumn to the table, making every meal happy.

You must also try to prepare the risotto with pumpkin and speck, definitely one of my favorites.

But you can also use other ingredients, the important thing is that they are scary !!! In this sense I recommend the halloween mummies made with hotdogs and puff pastry.

There are still many recipes that I could list, but I leave you the pleasure of discovering them one by one, every day to make something good and delicious. So try all the recipes you like the most and then let me know in the comments if you liked them.

Let your imagination run wild and what a trick and treat it is!