September is the month of the resumption of activities, a restart after the summer break, after the mental detachment that each of us takes from everyday life and from work, but also a physical detachment from every rule that we impose on ourselves during the year. Holidays have no timetables and no rules, especially food. There is no diet that fits, but gastronomic discoveries, convivial evenings, typical breakfasts, aperitifs on the beach or high altitude snacks. Whatever holiday we have done, good food has always kept us company and we know that when we come back, a few extra pounds will keep us company.

Here appear in each of us good intentions of diets and gyms to remedy. But without being drastic or having remorse, because eating well and discovering the Italian food and wine culture is a duty that we must not give up, we try to find the best solution, the one that is good for health.

Nutrition is essential for the well-being of mind and body. By taking care of the diet, it is possible to prevent the onset of numerous ailments and diseases, and to solve problems of varying severity.

The first rule for achieving and maintaining psychophysical well-being is to eat in a healthy and balanced way. A good diet, in fact, gives enormous benefits to our immune system and helps us prevent body disorders and chronic diseases. In this section you will find a selection of healthy and tasty recipes, which will help you safeguard your health without giving up the pleasures of good food! In addition to explaining in detail all the stages for preparing the dishes, with Mamma mia che buono Recipes I will teach you to know the beneficial properties and nutritional values ​​of the products that nature makes available to us.

The light recipes are a combination of well-being and taste, a set of dishes that manage to combine attention to health with the pleasure of being at the table, and that are good for the body and also for the palate!

In this section you will find tips for light, fresh and light summer recipes, or more elaborate preparations that still respect health and shape, to try perhaps for a winter dinner.

Many different dishes, healthy and delicious ideas with one element in common: starting from good foods you can create dietary recipes, easy and quick to make at home, but which manage to be tasty and healthy at the same time.

You will be amazed at how many things you will learn, you will discover the pleasure of cooking while doing yourself good. Without too many privations and feelings of guilt.

This is why I propose you the recipes of well-being, because we are what we eat: lots of delicious dishes obviously with an eye to health and calories. Let’s see together all the best food tips to stay fit and live long. You are ready? You will see that these dishes are not only good for your health but also full of taste!