How to make Christmas Star with puff pastry


How to make Christmas Star with puff pastry

Christmas Star with puff pastry are delicious sweets, simple and quick to prepare, to be enjoyed with apple purée filling.

Christmas Star with puff pastry are perfect to make for the occasion of the Christmas holidays, to be combined with the classic desserts of the Italian tradition.

They are also a simple and delicious snack that requires very little preparation time, small bites of stuffed puff pastry that delight every palate in just one bite!

The Christmas Star with puff pastry are perfect to offer at parties, when children meet to play together and spend some pleasant time together and suddenly ask you for something good for their snack. A few of the tastiest moves and stars there are will be immediately ready, for them and for you. You can make them with your children, who will have fun in the kitchen with you.

Christmas Star with puff pastry: many variations

You can really indulge your imagination with these sweets. In this recipe I stuffed the stars with apple purée, but you can also use jam or Nutella for those with a sweet tooth!

You can also decide to make a savory filling, for example with cooked ham and cheese, with mozzarella and tomato or with vegetables.

Also for the shape you can choose the one you like best based on the occasion: stars or trees for Christmas, hearts for Valentine’s Day and so on… In short, as already mentioned, you can do as you like… the result will still be delicious!

If you are looking for other quick and easy ideas for Christmas, try these too:

But now let’s see how to prepare our Christmas Star with puff pastry… Oh my goodness!

Christmas Star with puff pastry
Christmas Star with puff pastry

Recipe Difficulty Level: super easy

Ingredients for 3 stars:

  • 1 puff pastry (rectangular)
  • Apple purèe
  • 1 egg
  • Sugar
  • Icing sugar for the decoration

You will need also a cutter with the shape of a star.

Video recipe


Unwrap the puff pastry and create stars with the cutter. You will obtain about 6 stars.

Eliminate the puff pastry in excess (keep it for other recipes, it is always useful!).

In the middle of each star, spread some apple purèe and put another star on top of it.

Close it with the help of a fork. Brush the stars with the beaten egg.

Add on top of it a little bit of sugar.

Cook in preheated oven at 180 C (360° F) for 12/15 minutes (until they become slightly gold).

Once ready decorate with some icing sugar.

Enjoy! Buon appetito!

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