How to make Scallops with Potatoes and Leeks purèe


How to make Scallops with Potatoes and Leeks purèe

Scallops with Potatoes and Leeks purèe are a super quick seafood appetizer. Relatively longer are the times to be used to open and clean the shellfish but in just 15 minutes you will have already prepared this delicious dish and you will also be ready to eat it.

If finding this seafood will be a bit complicated, you can still opt for the frozen scallops by proceeding with the same recipe but defrosting them beforehand.

The recipe, as I told you, is very simple to make, but cooking the scallops in a pan must be perfect, otherwise soft scallops, if still raw or chewy if overcooked, are needed.

An advice for Scallops with Potatoes and Leeks purèe:

On cooking scallops: it is preferable to consume them immediately in order to avoid having to reheat them as a second cooking could make them chewy and ruin their flavor.

Nutritional properties:

For 100 grams of product, the scallop has a low-calorie content: only 69 kcal! This is because the mollusk is mostly made up of water: 82.50 grams of water.

The rest of its composition is protein (12.06 grams) and other components, including many mineral salts (sodium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and zinc).

It is important not to eat raw scallops: in fact, they mainly feed on plankton, and therefore they feed by filtering the water: their consumption raw can be risky, even if it is a delicacy.

The poetry of the scallop:

The scallop is a symbol of Aphrodite, or Venus for the Romans, goddess of beauty and love. In fact, the goddess emerged from the foam of the sea aboard a mother-of-pearl shell in the shape of a fan, in the waters of the island of Cyprus. And consequently, the mollusk became an emblem of femininity and fertility.

But it is not the only symbology. Saint Jacques is the French name of the shell. It derives from a medieval custom of Christian pilgrims on the way to Santiago de Compostela, of which the scallops are a symbol.

After crossing France and Spain and arriving at their destination – Santiago, Saint Jacques in French – they collected the shells and hung them on themselves as a good luck charm.

Scallops with Potatoes and Leeks purèe is a simple recipe enriched with a delicious puree that makes this dish not only tasty but also very refined, suitable for a special evening, perhaps with your sweetheart!

Scallops with Potatoes and Leeks purèe are also perfect to be included in your Christmas Menu as an Appetizer, Pan-fried Scallops are simple to prepare, but their refined taste will make you look great with relatives and friends.

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Now let’s see how to prepare Scallops with Potatoes and Leeks purèe... Mamma mia che buono!

Scallops with Potatoes and Leeks purèe
Scallops with Potatoes and Leeks purèe

Recipe Difficulty Level: not too tricky


  • ¼ of leek
  • 100 g (3.5 oz) of potatoes
  • 3 scallops
  • 200 ml (¾ cup plus 1 tbsp) of vegetable stock 
  • 50 g (1.7 oz) of navy beans (in the can)
  • 50 g (1 cup plus 2 tbsp) of breadcrumbs
  • extra-virgin olive oil 
  • butter
  • salt 
  • black pepper


Warm up the vegetable stock (or make it by putting the water with celery, carrot, and onion in a saucepan, cooking it for at least 20 minutes). 

Cut the leek in thin slices and the potatoes in cubes. In a pot, brown the leek in a thread of oil.

Add the potatoes. Mix for 2 minutes. Add the vegetable stock, cover, and cook for 10-12 minutes.

Then add the navy beans, salt, and black pepper, and cook for another 5 minutes.

With an electric blender, whip the compost to obtain a cream.

Clean the scallops fishstart opening the shells of the mollusks. Remove them with a small knife, and clean them of the dark parts and the orange coral.

Then rinse them under cold running water. In a pan, brown the scallops in a thread of oil and a little bit of butter. Cook for a few minutes.

Pour the purèe into a plate and add on top of it the scallops. Add a thread of fresh oil.

Enjoy! Buon appetito!

Suggestions: you can also use shrimp instead of scallops.

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