The second courses are the courses that in Italy are served immediately after the first courses; a good menu cannot be considered complete without a delicious second course, even if often, for a quick lunch or dinner, they are preferred alone, simply accompanied by a good side dish. Second courses are divided into categories: second courses with meat, second courses with fish, and those based on eggs. They can be served hot or cold, depending on the recipe and the menu in which they are inserted. Whether it’s a scalloppine, a stew, a Sunday roast, a fish in foil or a triumph of vegetables, all you have to do is choose the recipe that’s right for you!

In this category you will find many Recipes of Second Courses with photos or videos with step by step, delicious and original, which will meet the tastes of everyone, adults and children.


Among the main courses of meat we find all those dishes where the main ingredient is meat, red or white, of beef, horse, pork, veal, chicken, turkey, rabbit, game ect … In Italy They are usually served in a menu where they are provided other dishes based on meat and / or vegetables, or are simply accompanied with vegetable side dishes, with which they marry wonderfully. For a successful second course of meat, a few rules are very important, the first is undoubtedly the excellent quality of the raw material to be used. The second, attention to cooking, which is slow, fast, on the grill, in a pot, in the oven, which will change depending on the recipe to be followed and the piece of meat to cook. The third rule is the right choice and proportion of aromas, aromatic herbs and condiments to be used, the latter play a very important role: to perfume and enhance the taste of the meat. The Italian Recipes of Meat Seconds are many and range from the simple and fast like saltimbocca and veal escalopes with mashroom to the more refined ones like fillet in red wine souce , but I assure you that they are easy to make for everyone.

In this category you will find many tasty Recipes of Meat Seconds with photos or videos and step by step procedure, belonging to traditional Italian cuisine, which my grandmother, mother and aunts taught me, but also other recipes resulting from the imagination and daily needs.


The fish main courses contain all the dishes where the main ingredient is fish: sea fish, lake fish, blue fish, crustaceans, molluscs ect … Generally, fish main courses are served in a fish-based menu, therefore subsequently with fish appetizers and fish first courses, but for a light lunch or dinner, they can also be served as a single dish, simply accompanied by an excellent side dish. There are many fish main courses recipes that can be made and for their perfect success it is essential that the fish is of excellent quality, better if the fish is fresh! Otherwise I recommend that you buy “frozen on board” products, that is caught and frozen immediately; this guarantees a better quality of the fish bought. It is possible to cook fish in combination with many types of vegetables and aromatic herbs that enhance its flavor, but if the fish is of quality, very few other ingredients and some aromas will be enough, to make it tasty, careful and conscious cooking will do all the rest. A very important thing! If you decide to eat raw fish, (I love it!) Remember to put it in the freezer for at least 96 hours. This is to destroy any presence of parasites, which can be dangerous for humans.

In this section you will find a delicious collection of Fish Seconds like fish balls , sea bass baked in foil; All recipes are with photos and step by step procedure, perfect for all occasions.


It is true that in Italian cuisine most of the main courses are meat or fish, but there are also those based on eggs, cheese or vegetables. In this section you will find many easy, quick and tasty Vegetarian Recipes to bring mouth-watering vegetarian dishes to the table! In fact, even cooking without using meat or fish, it is possible to make delicious recipes! Choose the recipe you prefer on Mamma mia che buono. They are all very easy, many handed down by my grandmother or mother and following them step by step you will see that you will make really good vegetarian second courses!