Succulent and tasty, meat is one of the timeless ingredients of many main courses of Italian cuisine. It can be prepared in a thousand different ways, accompanying it with delicious side dishes that complement and enrich the taste.

A second course of meat can become the main course of a dinner with friends, or a Sunday lunch with the family, because the intense and enveloping taste conquers everyone, adults and children. Meat dishes are suitable for many different occasions: a special dinner, a party or an anniversary, a lunch with relatives, or a buffet to be eaten standing up. Preparing meat dishes, in some cases, may seem difficult and complex, but a few simple steps are enough to put on the table a genuine and very tasty recipe. Just a minimum of effort, the right ingredients and following some good advice and the result will leave everyone speechless. The recipes that I propose are very simple, easy at any level, even for those who are beginners in the kitchen. To prepare them you need a few simple ingredients, and obviously all of quality and the results will be excellent.

Quick and tasty main courses of meat

Chicken, turkey, sausages, pork… meat offers many possibilities. Preparing a second dish of meat means bringing taste, flavor and many different recipes to the table that meet everyone’s approval. Take chicken for example: a soft meat that offers endless possibilities to create unique and very tasty dishes. Such as the Chicken Breast with Orange, a tasty variant of the classic lemon escalope. Its citrus scent and its delicate and refined flavor really appeal to all gourmets! And what about Campagnola Chicken? Also called peasant chicken, it is a popular tradition recipe that I love very much and that in the past was very often prepared in peasant houses, using seasonal vegetables. A rustic, rich and tasty second course, ideal for Sunday lunch, or for a special occasion.

If you prefer turkey instead I suggest you try the turkey roll, one of the most delicious and at the same time easy to prepare meat dishes that you can cook for Sunday lunch with the family. With the sausage and olive filling it is a perfect second course of meat to prepare even for a dinner with friends. If you want, you can prepare it in advance and cook it at the right time.

Traditional second courses of Italian cuisine

Among the great classics of Italian cuisine there are roast veal, braised beef in red wine, stew, veal with tuna sauce, up to leaner meats such as stuffed rabbit, turkey and chicken, in its infinite variations. , all tasty. Also important are our great regional specialties: the Florentine steak in Tuscany, the lamb in Lazio, the veal cutlets in northern Italy and the meatballs with sauce, widespread throughout Italy.

At the table with taste

When cooking a lunch or dinner consisting of several courses, having to dedicate yourself to the preparation of a second dish could make you believe to be a complex and very long job. In reality, by choosing well what to prepare, perhaps in advance and following some clever advice, it is possible to put on the table a complete menu like those of the restaurants. So if you are looking for easy and quick second course recipes to prepare, take a tour of the ones you will find in this section and choose the one you prefer, based on your tastes. In this case I advise you not to miss the recipe of Fried Meatballs, ready in just 5 minutes, they lend themselves well to many combinations and toppings. And then they are good both hot and cold and therefore perfect for a picnic or a quick lunch away from home.

Meatballs are certainly one of those dishes that we all carry in our hearts, in memory of those that mum or grandmother prepared for us. It is one of those dishes that brings the past to life, bite after bite. Small, large, oval, flattened, spiced, etc… There are numerous variations of this classic dish, which includes very few ingredients, but gives a lot of goodness and taste.

The meat dishes can then be enriched with delicious, genuine and tasty side dishes. For example, think of serving cutlets accompanied with a fresh fennel salad, a guaranteed success. Or imagine preparing a tender and tasty Chicken with Beer, a delicious flavor that melts in your mouth. It can only be served with delicious baked or steamed potatoes, or with a rich mixed salad. In short, whatever the main course of meat you want to prepare, you will certainly find the most suitable side dish to enhance its taste. Try your favorite recipes and let me know which side dishes you have chosen to accompany them and if you liked them!