Have you ever tried to ask an Italian which dish he would never give up? I’ll answer you: pasta! And I certainly make no exception; every time I’m abroad I always miss a nice plate of pasta! Spaghetti with clams, carbonara pasta, penne all’arrabbiata, bucatini all’amatriciana: you are spoiled for choice.

Italians are famous all over the world for being great pasta lovers. From north to south, putting a plate of pasta on the table means satisfying everyone’s tastes, because with a few simple ingredients you can always make appetizing and tasty dishes. Whether it’s for an important lunch or a last-minute dinner, in any season of the year there are always quick and delicious recipes to bring to the table.

The options are truly limitless, both from the point of view of toppings and from that of pasta shapes. You can try the regional dishes of the peninsula, such as a tasty Genoese pesto or an exquisite cacio e pepe, or experiment with new combinations with an unusual flavor based on meat or fish, vegetables or cheeses. For each of these recipes choose between penne, fusilli or spaghetti, but don’t forget that you can always make a good fresh pasta directly at home. A simple course like a first course of pasta can turn into an irresistible dish with a little imagination: take inspiration from these recipes.

Italian cuisine is a riot of colors and flavors that are difficult to give up, so why not immediately throw yourself into the kitchen to create a good plate of pasta that also has a simple preparation? You don’t necessarily need to be a skilled chef to prepare a tasty first course, just follow the recipes explained in a clear and simple way by mamma mia che good.

Write down my secrets for first delicious and succulent sauces. Creating delicious menus with different ingredients, also experimenting with a different pasta format every day, will be even more fun thanks to my advice. 

Are you ready then to amaze your guests?


Try pasta with zucchini and speck for a quick lunch: the flavor of the salami will go hand in hand with the delicacy of the zucchini. You can also substitute bacon with bacon or bacon. Have you organized a dinner at your home, but haven’t you considered that you don’t like to sauté too much in the heat? Don’t panic: have fun creating a cold wholemeal pasta with legumes, preferably peas, cooked ham and mozzarella cut into cubes at will, for an even more irresistible first course of pasta.

For the sweet tooth we recommend the tagliatelle with sausage and Gorgonzola, the heat of the pasta will create a tasty cream so it will be impossible not to make an encore.As you have seen, there is no shortage of tasty ideas if we decide to delight our family and friends with tempting first courses on the table. You just have to wear an apron and have fun, because there is nothing more beautiful than creating a tasty dish of pasta every day that will make our diners lick their lips.

Enjoy your meal!

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