This is definitely my favorite section because I love these dishes! In fact, I have to tell you that I love making desserts, but I love eating savory dishes, they are my passion.

In this section of “Mamma mia che buono” you will find typical salty dishes of Italian cuisine, made with flour and water. You will find many recipes such as bread, pizza, focaccia barese, wraps … in short, the great classics of Italian cuisine! There are in particular some recipes from the region where I live (Emilia Romagna) that you absolutely must try: fried dumplings, tigelle and piadina… you’ll love them!

Then one of my favorite Italian recipes is obviously pizza; I tried so many recipes and I finally found the perfect one! The recipe that you will find on mamma mia che buono is easy, fast and at the same time very good. If you then use my trick your pizza will be really like that of the pizzeria! You will also find the video recipe to not miss any step and make a truly perfect pizza. On mamma mi ache buono, how good you will find the classic pizza Margherita, but you use your imagination and try to stuff it as you like. But I recommend no salad and especially no pineapple on the pizza!

Another recipe that I love is the panzerotti … pizza dough stuffed with tomato and mozzarella and then fried, just thinking about it makes my mouth water! They remind me of my childhood, because when I was little we used to go to the square in my town every Sunday morning and there was a pastry shop that prepared them. We bought them still hot with stringy mozzarella, I still remember the unique scent and taste. My sister loved them so much that she always took two and then arrived at lunchtime with her stomach still full. It is actually a typical dish of Puglia, but the pastry chef who prepared them was from this region. In Puglia today they are a typical street food to be enjoyed while wandering through the alleys of the cities of this wonderful region.

There is also no shortage of savory pies that belong to the tradition of Italian cuisine. The recipes of savory pies are innumerable, with the most varied shapes and textures, this is because they can be made with many ingredients. Among the classics, we find the savory pies made with a shell of dough such as puff pastry, shortcrust pastry, pasta matta or pizza dough, generally filled with vegetables, eggs, meats, cheeses, but often also with meat. Do not miss the zucchini savory pie, the potato and pepper quiche and the spinach and ricotta savory; in particular this has a particular shape in the shape of a sunflower; every time I do it I amaze my guests. Savory pies are perfect for setting up buffets, to be offered as an appetizer, but also as a single dish. I love them, you can prepare them well in advance and enjoy lunch with friends and family.

A tip: if you have things in the refrigerator that you want to dispose of, take some puff pastry and fill it as your favorite using your imagination and I’m sure you will create excellent dishes.

In this category you will find many recipes of savory pies, pizzas, focaccias etc. with step-by-step photos and videos, perfect for any occasion.