Combining a passion for good things, a sense of proportion and a pinch of creativity, in the kitchen it is possible to create exquisite and beautiful dishes to behold, capable of conquering everyone at first taste and at first glance. If you are looking for inspiration and want to learn traditional Italian recipes, this site is for you.

Here are many easy recipes of typical Italian cuisine! On “Mamma mia che buono” you will find many quick recipes with step-by-step photos or video recipes to perfectly create many Italian recipes. You will find many ideas for cooking tasty recipes from appetizers to desserts and you will be able to cook many dishes in an easy and tasty way even if you are a beginner!

First of all choose from the many delicious appetizers for all occasions:


– Quick and easy appetizers like those made with puff pastry. In this regard you have to try easy pizza puff pastry twist breadsticks, potato and red pie and Savory zucchini pie.

– greedy appetizers such as hotdogs and potatoes, Italian panzerotti and the gnocco fritto.

– refined appetizers such as scallops with potatoes and leeks purèe or fish balls with cream of beans.

There are also many first courses divided by categories:


pasta-based first courses; here you will find the most famous and traditional Italian pastas such as spaghetti carbonara, bucatini all’amatriciana and tagliatelle with Bolognese sauce.

rice-based first courses; risotto with mushrooms, risotto with spinach, risotto with asparagus and many others. Also do not miss the article on how to make a perfect risotto to learn all the tricks and secrets for making a risotto like a real Italian.

first courses based on soups: tasty and healthy, a perfect comfort food above all on cold winter days.

You will also find many traditional Italian second courses:


– meat-based such as stews, roasts and the famous saltimbocca alla romana.

fish based such as sea bass baked in foil, cuttlefish with peas and fish balls.

– egg-based such as eggs in purgatory, eggs and peas, and hard-boiled eggs in tomato sauce.

– based on vegetables such as the famous eggplant parmigiana.

In this section there is no shortage of side dishes and salads to accompany the main courses! Finally, again Bread, Pizzas, Focaccias, Tasty Savory Pies, Sauces and Condiments; Delicious Jams and of course many Sweets and Desserts! From the most traditional apple pie to the most original and exquisite desserts! There is no shortage of Light, Vegetarian and Vegan cooking recipes for intolerant and more!

On Mamma Mia, how good you will find the perfect recipe for every occasion! All cooking recipes are personally tested and experimented by Cristina Baldi for the perfect success of each dish! Many recipes have been handed down to her by her grandmother, her mother and have all the flavor of tradition and true Italian cuisine! Rely on the cooking recipes of “Mamma mia che buono” and the splendid figure on the table is absolutely guaranteed! Now you just have to choose the recipe that inspires you the most and put yourself in the kitchen… You’ll see how good it is!!! Are you ready to enrich your cookbook with new dishes? Fasten your apron and look for the ideal recipes to compose your menu!