Risotto is one of the most well-known and loved Italian first courses all over the world. What could be better to warm up your winter dinners than a creamy rice? Also excellent in autumn, combined with seasonal vegetables: pumpkin, radicchio and mushrooms. To asparagus in spring or in the warmer months, in the tasty fish variant: just a little white wine to blend and you’re done. Each season has its own risotto recipe! And what is the secret to a good risotto? The way to cook it, of course! In this section you will find many proposals for cooking tasty risottos to pamper your winter and your palate.

It is said that Thursday is dedicated to gnocchi, so why not reserve Sunday lunch for an excellent risotto? The reunited family, more time available to enjoy the meal and maybe some guests invited to spend the day together. When it’s cold outside, risotto is ideal for combining conviviality and warmth. But let’s start with the variety: which is the most suitable for obtaining an impeccable risotto? There is no doubt: Carnaroli rice. Thanks to the particular shape of its grain, in fact, it retains the sauce and helps to give creaminess to the dish.

A simple and essential dish is the tomato risotto: its direct tastes contain many memories and experiences. And if you have some left over? No problem, the tomato risotto lends itself perfectly to the preparation of delicious supplì stuffed with Mozzarella. There are almost infinite combinations of flavors that can be experienced in a risotto, starting with the choice of a vegetable: as in the combination of turnip greens and prawns. A balanced combination that embraces sweet and bitter, giving all the aromas of the South. And to amaze your guests, serve it with ricotta quenelles enriched with lemon zest. Depending on the taste, you can add pink pepper to soften and give additional scent. Guaranteed applause!

If you are looking for an alternative to rice, however, you can decline your dish in variants with cereals. How? Just follow the same procedure as a normal risotto (taking into account the slightly longer cooking times) to obtain a very tasty first course based on barley or spelled, for example.

With risotto, there are also many alternatives with vegetarian recipes. In addition to the aforementioned pumpkin, courgettes and mushrooms, the allies of a perfect risotto are also artichokes. Starting with vegetables, you can have fun preparing the most imaginative sauces, simply experimenting with your favorite ingredients and flavors, enriching them with the intense flavor of dried fruit or the strong taste of a cured meat. Do you want some advice to make the risotto delicious and, at the same time, refined? Grate some truffle flakes: they will accompany the joys of the table with their unmistakable flavor.

Well, I hope I have made you greedy, just writing me, I have a great desire for a nice risotto. What about you? You just have to look in this section and cook the risotto that most inspires you!

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