In this section you will find ideas, tips and directions for creating appetizing salad recipes with cereals, meat, fish, cheeses and dairy products.

Salad: by itself this word means everything and it means nothing! Can you imagine the classic lettuce or green rocket or a mixed salad? We can actually understand many dishes using the term “salad“.

The salad is the typical dish of the summer, but not only, used as a side dish or single dish, the salad owes its name to the Latin term “salata”, from sal, “salt” and in fact in Italy this is generally like it is seasoned with oil, salt and other ingredients such as vinegar, lemon and pepper. A salad usually refers to a dish prepared with green leafy salad such as lettuce or chicory which is then enriched with other raw vegetables, such as tomatoes, carrots, fennel or radishes. In addition to the classic vegetable salad, there are many variations that can be made with a base of pasta, rice, or other cereals such as barley or spelled which, after being cooked and cooled, are seasoned with various ingredients such as cheeses, tuna and vegetables.

Often salads are also used as a base for salads, including chicken or turkey or fish and seafood, making it a great fresh and light main dish.

The salad can also be a single and substantial dish, like the classic Italian summer salad, the rice salad. But in Italy salad is also that of pasta with many colorful vegetables. But “salad” can also mean a fresh mix of fruit and vegetables, as in the orange and fennel salad: an original and elegant side dish, based on a special combination to be discovered taste after taste. And the salad can also be transformed into a rich second dish: parsley octopus salad.

Summer salads

Colorful and rich in taste, salads are the undisputed stars of the summer. No rules to follow, everything is allowed to make them appetizing and inviting. The avocado salad, for example, exploits all the beneficial properties and the unique taste of this fresh and pulpy super food, while the chicken salad transforms this dish into a genuine and substantial single dish. But if you want typical Italian recipes where you absolutely must try the Caprese salad with ham and melon, a combination that seems unusual, but typical of Italian cuisine.

Delicious salads

The nice thing about salads is that you just have to put together many different ingredients each time to create a different dish: never the usual salad, but always delicious dishes! Even a simple potato salad can become delicious if seasoned in the right way: it will surprise you! All delicious side dishes, but if you are looking for something richer to serve as a first course, the rice salad will satisfy hunger and taste!

Find out now how to make tasty and healthy salad recipes, perfect for your dinners with friends or your lunches in the office. “Mamma mia che buono” offers you many original ideas, easy and quick to make with your favorite ingredients, wherever you are.

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