The side dishes are the dishes that accompany the main courses and therefore are served alongside fish, meats, eggs and cheeses. Generally the side dishes are based on vegetables and legumes and can be served raw, such as salads and vegetables of various kinds, or cooked in the most varied ways from the simplest to the most refined: boiled, steamed, in a pan, in the oven, with very few other ingredients, or further enriched with eggs, meats, cheeses, sauces and white or tomato-based sauces.

Delicious side dishes:

Do the usual banal side dishes always come to mind? Unleash your imagination to give vegetables an extra sprint! If you like to play with spices, for example, pumpkin with ginger will win you over with its sweet and sour and slightly spicy aftertaste. If you love to eat healthy, the avocado salad will satisfy you with taste and lightness, thanks to the crunchy note of pumpkin seeds. Finally, if you are a fan of street food, treat yourself to an irresistible whim like fried onions. Finally my favorite side dish, the potato purè, a comfort food par excellence!

Quick side dishes:

Even when you are in a hurry, don’t settle for the usual lettuce with tomatoes … the orange and fennel salad is an exquisite winter variant that will allow you to bring all the taste of the Mediterranean to the table without much effort! Fennel are also excellent to be enjoyed raw in salads, but have you ever tried to cook them? Fennel wrapped in bacon is a real treat! For a meat-based autumn dinner, however, the sandy potatoes are perfect.

Vegetable side dishes:

Fibers, vitamins, minerals, are precious nutrients for our body and following a diet rich in vegetables is a great way to make a good supply! For this reason, never give up on the side dish, but always make it different and appetizing … fennel is even more tempting thanks to the addition of homemade and baked bechamel sauce (fennels gratin) will make adults and children mouth water!

Side dishes for fish:

What are the best side dishes to accompany a fish course? The choice is wide and, of course, varies according to the season: the artichokes in the pan are ideal to combine with molluscs and crustaceans, but we recommend that you also try them together with blue fish, poor but rich in flavor! Baked peppers with capers, with their strong flavor, go wonderfully with the simple seafood dishes of our Mediterranean, enlivening the table with the cheerful colors of summer! If you are undecided and want to be on the safe side, the choice can only fall on the green potato salad, excellent both hot and cold and flavored with a condiment based on anchovies, parsley and basil. I also love pairing the fennel and orange salad with fish.

In short, the side dish recipes are many and certainly the choice varies depending on the second dish they must accompany. In this section you will find many Side Dishes Recipes with photos and step by step process, easy and fast but also refined and original, to accompany your dishes with taste and originality.