In this section you will find many Recipes for Special Occasions, Anniversaries and Classic Parties! Have you organized an aperitif at home and you don’t know what to cook? Or do you want to prepare a Sunday brunch? Or are you organizing a Buffet and are you undecided on what to propose to your guests? On “Mamma mia che buono” you find original dishes in theme with the season to make a splendid figure on the table !! Here you will find everything you need to bring dishes suitable for any occasion to the table. Here are many recipes designed for a standing dinner or a picnic, but also perfect dishes for a dinner with friends, family or for a romantic dinner for two. And for the classic holidays? Here then are the Christmas and Easter recipes, the most suitable dishes for New Year’s Eve dinner, Halloween sweets, and traditional sweets for Carnival. 

What if you don’t know what to prepare for Ferragosto? 

My goodness, he has thought of everything! Gourmet gifts to prepare at home! Special dishes to celebrate mum, dad, women and of course the birthday with the cake of your dreams!

In this section you will find many “special recipes”, dishes out of the ordinary for their origin, the ingredients used or the dish. Recipes to be unveiled on the best occasions or to celebrate events and anniversaries in a different way than usual. Many are part of the Italian tradition and are recipes that are cooked on Sundays by mothers and grandmothers. I still remember the scent of the delicious Sunday dishes that I felt in the morning when I woke up! All the recipes are able to enrich the holiday experience, making these occasions truly special. The simplest way is to rely on the Italian tradition, which always offers many ideas.

If you intend to transform festive occasions into truly special events, you can “limit yourself” to acting on the dish and presentation. Often it is enough to present the recipes differently for maximum effect. Not that it is always simple, on the other hand, taking care of the presentation means putting in place advanced skills, and knowing how to manage the trimmings. The games, in fact, are played at this stage. The question concerns all types of dishes, from the first to the second, passing through the side dishes. However, it mostly involves sweets, as by definition they lend themselves to the most borderline aesthetic innovations. Suffice it to say that most desserts contain an icing, which can be duly enriched. Some are enhanced by the sugar paste, which offers the widest artistic possibilities.

Another solution to amaze your diners is to focus on combinations. In this case the recipes “remain” traditional, and so does their process. Even the ingredients do not arouse any surprise, if taken individually. On the other hand, the combinations they create are surprising. In this case, however, we move on an inclined plane, since it is really easy to create out of place combinations, which give back unpleasant sensations. This requires a little intuition and a solid knowledge of the characteristics of each food.

Among the special recipes that can be considered as such by virtue of the combinations, the beef fillet with pears and parmesan sauce or the fillet in fig sauce stands out. These are recipes to be proposed during lunches and dinners that want to be refined and that aim to amaze guests.

So choose the perfect one for your special occasion from the many recipes and don’t worry, even the most complex will be easy thanks to my tips and easy video recipes.