Love has many forms and many of these forms are fragrant and very tasty. Cooking for those we love is the best way to make them feel it with all possible senses and preparing a nice Valentine’s Day menu is a great opportunity to treat yourself to a romantic moment, in the middle of these cold and busy months.

What’s better than food to impress on Valentine’s Day? Few gestures like a homemade romantic dinner are able to conquer the person we love. Maybe choosing the right dishes for his tastes and, why not, using some aphrodisiac ingredients. Here are our recommendations for the Valentine’s Day dinner menu: from appetizers to desserts, many alternatives for those who love fish, meat and for those who are vegetarians.

Whether it’s a dinner cooked especially for him / her or a team work in the kitchen, to enjoy everything, even the preparation, what matters is being together and enjoying the moment. No dishes that are too elaborate, better focus on a romantic, delicious and light menu, something simple will do just fine, love, after all, should never be too complicated.

In this article, I propose a Valentine’s Day menu that from appetizer to dessert will make us look great with the person we love! By now you know me, I think you don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day to organize a nice dinner. Any occasion can turn into a romantic date with our partner! However, I realize that the frenzy of everyday life leaves little room for love … but Valentine’s Day reminds us that every now and then we need to carve out romantic moments. Preparing even a simple cake is already a great gesture of love for me, let alone a whole dinner! I’m sure that the people we love will be amazed with the dishes that make up this menu.

So my proposals for the Valentine’s Day menu are meat, fish or vegetarian dishes that are easy to make and ideal for creating an atmosphere. Obviously all dishes of Italian cuisine. There are recipes within the reach of every cook and every palate, especially with seasonal ingredients.

Compose your Valentine’s Day menu, pack a beautiful handmade invitation and get ready to feel all the good taste of the romantic and in love side of life.

Appetizer, first course, second course, side dish and to finish a dessert, in short, it will almost seem to be in a restaurant! All of these dishes can be prepared in advance and reheated just before bringing them to the table.

They are tasty but at the same time light recipes. I really hope you like this menu and I wish you a very romantic Valentine’s Day and I recommend small portions, the evening will be long so we don’t have to weigh ourselves down.

Put the soft lights, a background music, fill the glasses with an excellent Italian wine and enjoy the evening with the recipes prepared with your hands.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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