It is easy to say: if you go out for dinner on Valentine’s Day you will eat worse on average, spending much more on average. It is not that it is all the fault of the restaurateurs, often we simply get stuck in looking for “themed” fixed price menus complete with pink heart-shaped ravioli and crumpled red rose on the table, which let’s face it, they are never up to the standards. expectations. Restaurants are often packed with people and overbooking always implies that the service will drop in quality even in the most impeccable of restaurants. Plus, they’re full of couples. In general it is not my idea of a quiet and pleasant evening.

Do you want to prepare a romantic dinner to celebrate the feast of lovers but your better half does not eat meat? Don’t panic, it’s easy to find the right compromise at the table! Love and imagination are the only fundamental ingredients you need to prepare a romantic vegetarian menu that is also perfect for Valentine’s Day: an opportunity to test yourself in the kitchen and experiment with vegetarian recipes and create a menu a little different from the usual but able to satisfy both palates and stimulate the desire to be together.

You can give your favorite dishes a romantic look. For example, using heart-shaped molds.

Try my Valentine’s day vegetarian menu, a palette of colorful and appetizing dishes that can be eaten twice, first with the eyes and then with the mouth. Forget the dear ingredients that are always the same: be original, be romantic with vegetables! From appetizer to dessert, we recommend four courses for a vegetarian Valentine’s Day.

Easy, quick recipes, but presented with style!

Do you want to surprise your partner with a truly refined appetizer? Here’s how to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home by preparing a dinner worthy of the restaurant, light and tantalizing: a four-course vegetarian Valentine’s Day menu, appetizer, first course, second course and dessert, based on fresh and elegant recipes.

I propose you as an appetizer, the carrot flan with parmesan sauce. You can add a chic touch, even making a parmesan wafer. It’s very simple: just grate a little Parmesan cheese and place it in the shape of a circle on parchment paper, spend ½ minute in the microwave and you’re done!

As a first course I propose one of the most classic dishes of Italian cuisine, gnocchi, the original recipe of my grandmother Gina!!!! So the result is guaranteed! To get there not to get tired for the romantic evening, I suggest you prepare them days before and freeze them, so on Valentine’s day you will only have to prepare in sauce and simply cook the still frozen gnocchi.

As a second course I propose you a delicious savory zucchini pie that you can also prepare in the morning and simply reheat it in the oven before bringing it to the table.

Finally, to complete a romantic dinner, you cannot give up a dessert! I offer you my favorite dessert: Chocolate Muffins with Liquid Core. You can also prepare these days in advance, freeze them and put them directly in the oven when it’s time to eat them. I recommend combining them with a scoop of ice cream and some strawberries.

You just have to choose a beautiful seductive dress and have fun creating your romantic vegetarian menu!

It will be an unforgettable evening!