Easy and quick to prepare, the second vegetarian dishes are valid alternatives to meat and fish. In Italian cuisine there is a wide range of them. They can also be prepared every day and do not require a lot of effort. They leave time and space to devote to other recipes and other commitments because they don’t require a lot of time behind the stove. If prepared with fresh vegetables and ingredients, you can also freeze them for storage and take them out of the freezer when needed.

They are simple dishes to make that require few ingredients, almost always available in the pantry, or in any case easily available in the shop or supermarket. Vegetarian main courses are suitable for many occasions: everyday lunches and dinners, family parties and events, picnics, outings and special occasions.

Tasty and light, they can be prepared in a few minutes using the vegetables you prefer: aubergines, broccoli, tomatoes, artichokes, peas, peppers, etc… Fresh in season they are tasty and tasty and bring color and joy to the table. In combination with many other ingredients they create truly delicious unique dishes, excellent ideas to bring to the table and also serve to guests. There are many possible combinations with your favorite cheeses, stringy and tasty at the right point, or with shortcrust pastry or puff pastry, with spices to taste and seasoned with oil or butter. Plenty of room for imagination and creativity, there is room for every idea in the kitchen!


Second vegetarian dishes: the taste of simplicity


A second vegetarian can fix the day. It doesn’t take much to prepare and it doesn’t require too much effort or special ingredients. They also turn out to be a good way to get kids to eat vegetables. If prepared in advance and in larger quantities, they can be safely frozen and then defrosted at the right time. If this is your first time preparing a vegetarian main course, my advice is to start with some easy recipes. The first is certainly that of homemade meatless meatballs.

For a family lunch, a party or a special occasion, prepare a delicious vegetarian meatloaf instead. It is an easy and tasty vegetarian main course, an alternative to the classic meat loaf. Rich in proteins and perfect to accompany with tasty and crunchy baked potatoes. It is a delicious dish both hot and cold and becomes really appetizing with the addition of the homemade sauce of your choice (such as ketchup or mayonnaise).


Focaccia, omelettes and rustic cakes


Cooking vegetables allows you to invent many new recipes, or to create tasty alternatives to traditional and classic recipes based on meat or fish. Vegetarian dishes are very versatile because they adapt to any role you want to give them.

But vegetarian dishes are much more. In fact, they also include a whole range of recipes that feature focaccias, omelettes and rustic pies. Trusted allies for buffets, aperitifs, picnics and parties. Put on the table a courgette quiche or a savory potato and pepper pie and you will be sure to have brought to the table some delicious and delicious dishes that will satisfy everyone’s taste.

Furthermore, the second vegetarians often allow substitutions and variations. Where peas and broccoli are expected, lentils and chickpeas can be added, while cauliflower can be replaced with black cabbage. The combinations are really many and they depend only on our taste and our preferences. The advice is to choose seasonal vegetables, where it is possible to do so, because they are much fresher and rich in nutrients. For the rest, plenty of room for imagination and try your favorite recipes! Don’t forget to let me know in the comments if you liked them.