With vegetables, a breath of freshness and authenticity is brought to the table. There is nothing more authentic than vegetables, direct products of the earth that contain all its richness and flavor.

In addition to being good and healthy, vegetables make us savor the true taste of the seasons, because each of them is a natural celebration of the passing of time. With vegetables you have many possibilities to create rich, delicious dishes with a unique flavor. Vegetarian dishes with an unmistakable taste that amaze with every bite and always satisfy everyone.

Vegetables can be used to prepare vegetarian first courses, a vegetarian second course or savory pies. A kaleidoscope of appetizing recipes that do not require you to spend too much time in the stove and are very simple to prepare. If you can always choose seasonal vegetables, because they will be tastier and you will certainly find them at cheaper prices.

When vegetables meet pasta, or rice, success is guaranteed. A plate of pasta is what it takes to please everyone, while vegetables are unparalleled allies of taste that enrich any recipe. In this section I want to present you a series of recipes of vegetarian dishes, which I have collected for you, suitable for every occasion: family lunches and dinners, a special couple’s evening, or a Sunday lunch where you have invited all the relatives.

Vegetarian first courses: simple ingredients and lots of taste

The recipes you find in this section have vegetables as protagonists. Baked, in a pan or au gratin, the vegetables are used to prepare a delicious vegetarian first course, or a single dish with a rich flavor.

For example, start by trying the spinach risotto recipe or the mushroom risotto is perfect for lunch or dinner. Everyone always likes these vegetarian first courses by following my mom’s advice that it will be very easy to prepare them good.

On cold autumn evenings, I recommend instead trying to warm your stomach with an inviting chickpea and pumpkin soup in my super fast version to prepare it is really tasty to eat with slices of bread or accompanying it with croutons, or with of short pasta.

Instead, for the hot season, try to cook a plate of pasta with Genoese pesto, a very easy vegetarian first course typical of Italian cuisine. It is prepared in a few steps with a pesto made raw with dried tomatoes in oil, ricotta, grated cheese and a few basil leaves. It is delicious eaten both hot and cold.

Flavors of the past

Vegetarian first courses have the power to make me go back in time. They bind me to the memories of a past that I always try to relive day by day. When my grandmother used to prepare her genuine recipes for me. And it is always with the same passion and a little nostalgia in my heart that I too keep the vegetable garden with the seasonal vegetables that I like best.

Always ready at hand to cook the eggplant parmigiana with aubergines from the field, or a nice minestrone in winter. Tasty and tasty dishes full of childhood memories. We link happy moments to food and table to relive with pleasure in memories. Memories that resurface with every forkful of pasta and beans.

In the collection of these recipes, therefore, you will not only find delicious and easy-to-prepare vegetarian dishes, but all the simplicity and genuineness that is expected of those who grow and harvest their own vegetables and cook them with passion for the people they care about. .

Try all the recipes you like best, enjoy them at every opportunity and let me know in the comments which are your favorites.