If you think that meat or fish are the only ingredients capable of giving you an appetizing and rich second course, you will change your mind after reading our fantastic recipes: sometimes simple vegetables are all you need.

For lovers of vegetarian dishes, we have many ideas for easy and tasty main courses, capable of combining delicacy, taste and imagination in just a few steps. By following our advice carefully, you can serve your guests eggplant or zucchini savory pie rolls, legume meatballs, omelettes and eggs in purgatory. You will find the right inspiration for Caprese salads with vegetables, eggplant parmigiana and tasty and fragrant savory pies. Not only that: you will also discover how to make many winter vegetarian dishes, such as baked fennel au gratin.


Vegetarian cuisine is increasingly appreciated because it is not only suitable for those who do not eat meat and fish for ethical or health reasons, but also for all those who prefer lighter dishes or want to explore new flavors.

Vegetarian cuisine is a rich and varied universe: for many people eliminating meat and fish from their diet is a lifestyle, for others it is discovering new dishes, exploring new flavors and cooking techniques that transform vegetables, legumes and more into protagonists. undisputed of the table.

Vegetarian main courses are one of the dishes capable of being original, healthy and rich in taste at the same time. Sometimes traditional dishes can undergo reinterpretations thus becoming vegetarian, other times very special dishes are born, what reigns in these recipes is certainly creativity. Vegetables are the undisputed protagonists of vegetarian main courses, whether it is legumes, vegetables, leafy vegetables, the important thing is to always use seasonal ones.


The best vegetarian main courses


If for one reason or another you love vegetarian cuisine and are looking for tantalizing ideas for vegetarian main courses, you will certainly appreciate the recipes selected for you. By combining vegetables, legumes, eggs and cheese you can obtain original and tasty dishes for all occasions and for all tastes. Plus, you can opt for the cooking you prefer, many recipes for vegetarian main courses are suitable for cooking in the oven, in a pan or for frying. For many of our recipes it only takes a few minutes to create a good dish that will leave everyone speechless.

From meatloafs and vegetable meatballs, therefore without meat, we move on to omelettes with vegetables, vegetable burgers, in short, there is really a lot of choice unlike what you might imagine.

simple recipes, therefore also suitable for those with little experience in the kitchen.

If you are tired of the usual dishes, choose the recipes that inspire you the most to start experimenting with vegetarian main courses.

You don’t have to give up taste for your meatless menu: test your cooking skills and experiment with all the vegetarian recipes you want.

There is really a lot of choice and ideas for all tastes! Take a look at Mamma mia’s best vegetarian second course recipes and then try them all. They will not disappoint you but will enrich your diet!