Vegetarian appetizers

One of the wellness choices of this historical period is to limit the consumption of meat to approach a vegetarian diet that compensates for proteins with legumes, substitutes and lots of fruit and vegetables: vegetarian appetizers are an excellent solution to enjoy delicious recipes in company, combining health and creativity.

In the section dedicated to vegetarian appetizers there are many delicious and tantalizing recipes for healthy eating; there is also no shortage of slightly richer and more delicious recipes such as the puff patry mini pizza, typical of Italian cuisine.

The recipes conceived by Mamma Mia are really good and good for making greedy vegetarian appetizers to be enjoyed as an entrée at a dinner or as delicious finger food to be served during a themed evening.

Appetizers are one of the most inviting moments of a dinner: delicious winning solutions can also be prepared with vegetables and legumes, also to make children appreciate these ingredients, playing with plates and colors.

Greedy vegetarian appetizers are carrot flan, classic caprese salad, Italian panzerotti and many others.

What could be better than starting your lunches or dinners with a delicious vegetable-based appetizer? Vegetarian appetizers are tantalizing morsels to enrich the variety of your cuisine and rediscover the flavors, colors and all the beneficial properties of vegetables. These appetizers are suitable for those who follow a vegetarian diet, but not only, also for those who love to prepare different and greedy dishes without always using meat and fish. Vegetarian appetizers are particularly suitable for kickstarting rich and tasty dinners, in order to lighten the meal by starting with something not too greasy and elaborate. They are also perfect during the summer season, when vegetables are the undisputed protagonists. In short, a series of absolutely versatile, tasty, healthy and original appetizers!

Our best vegetarian appetizers, all to be discovered!

We want to inspire you with many perfect appetizers to start the meal in a creative and appetizing way with vegetables!

And here is a selection of very tasty and easy to make vegetarian appetizers. With the help of our step-by-step recipes, you can prepare a rich all-vegetarian buffet that will surely leave your guests speechless! One after the other, our recipes will accompany you through delicious vegetable-based delicacies for a truly healthy and original table.

The photos and descriptions contained in each article will make the procedure simple even for those who are not experts but want to prepare a quick tasty snack, organize an original aperitif with buffet courses or tasty snacks with which to enrich the menu. The difference lies in the ingredients used: all natural, fresh, good and vegetarian, in full respect of the taste and eating habits of the diners.

A complete collection of recipes for vegetarian appetizers all with photos and procedure to make them quickly and easily. You can use them as vegetarian appetizers for Christmas Eve or for the New Year’s Eve dinner, when you need some tasty ideas to prepare cold or hot appetizers to bring to the holiday table or for Easter where you can indulge yourself with gourmet vegetarian appetizers.

Try all these delicious vegetarian appetizer recipes! And let me know what your favorite is!