Vegetarian friends coming for dinner? Don’t panic, it doesn’t take much to manage unexpected but still welcome guests! Italian cuisine offers many vegetarian recipes! For example, a first course of this type is pasta with pepper cream: a clever and tasty idea to be made with just a few ingredients, the ricotta will guarantee you the creamy effect that will make this dish fantastic! Then you must absolutely make the risottos that in Italian cuisine cannot be missing; try for example the risotto with mushrooms, the one with spinach or with asparagus. To entertain guests you can offer finger food as an appetizer of fragrant pizza breadsticks that can be prepared in a flash!

I also recommend some excellent savory pies such as the one with peppers and potatoes or with courgettes. If you want something more refined to amaze your guests, try the carrot flan, one of my favorite recipes! And you absolutely must try the eggs in purgatory, an easy, quick and tasty recipe, not to mention the hard – boiled eggs in tomato sauce recipe from my beloved grandmother. Finally, we offer you some truly irresistible pizzas and focaccias!

If you think that vegetarian cuisine reserves only sad and tasteless dishes, I invite you to change your mind by bringing in support of my thesis all the goodness of many traditional dishes of Italian cuisine: caponata, pasta alla norma, panzanella, saffron risotto, pizza, focaccia, eggplant parmigiana; but these, you must know, are just some of the most famous vegetarian recipes of Italian cuisine that you can prepare! Vegetarian cuisine is much more and is perfectly suited to any occasion: if you are looking for ideas and recipes, new and creative as well as good, in this section you will find the solution. Let yourself be conquered by the versatility of vegetables and discover the thousand combinations to create exquisite dishes to bring to the table. Here is a handy selection of quick and easy vegetarian recipes for every day with vegetarian first and second courses within reach of most but with some delicacies to embellish even special occasions.

The kitchen is a fundamental component of everyday life and as such it can only be central in a model of life that tends more and more towards sustainability and a life that is increasingly… That’s why we want to offer you vegetarian recipes suitable for everyday life. We have tried to select for you some vegetarian recipes and vegan recipes based mostly on natural ingredients, natural cuisine and therefore mainly vegetarian but not only, but basically with a low use of meat since there is a lot of evidence that points not only to the certainty of unsustainability of intensive farming but also the effects on health. Yes, you can eat healthy and with taste!

The aromas, colors and flavors of vegetarian cuisine are truly irresistible. All the vegetarian recipes you find in this section are accompanied by photos or video recipes and useful tips for a perfect success! Choose your menu here and organize a nice dinner with friends with the vegetarian recipes of Mamma mia che buono: what do you say, isn’t it a good idea