Friends, you know, I am a fan of the Mediterranean diet, because it is good, practical, colorful and healthy. Contains foods that prevent or even cure certain diseases or make certain medications work better when you are sick. Without renouncing the taste or even, with some precautions, the great dishes of the Italian traditionIn this section you will find the best Cooking Video Recipes taken from the recipes on the blog.

Video recipes of typical dishes of Italian cuisine that will help you step by step in the preparation of simple and more complex dishes, sure not to miss any step. Quick recipes but also more elaborate recipes that will be prepared in a simple way so as to guide even the less experienced in the kitchen to the creation of many Italian dishes to amaze their guests with originality and simplicity. Two characteristics that make each dish a real success.

Video first courses recipes

The first courses may often seem banal and obvious but a little pepper in this case will make everything more fascinating and inviting even for the little ones. Fanciful ideas of first courses really for all tastes, with impressive presentations, and genuine and simple ingredients but which together give life to literally exclusive dishes.

Not necessarily, in fact, to amaze your guests you have to try your hand at complex preparations or with ingredients that are too sophisticated and expensive. Sometimes, in fact, the key to everything is simplicity and the skillful use of the simplest ingredients that together make real magic, wonderful for everyone, even the most demanding palates.

Second courses video recipes

How many really tasty main courses of Italian cuisine; some simple others a little more complex. But with Mamma Mia’s video recipes, how good it is, even the latter will be really easy.

Video dessert recipes

It is often believed that dessert recipes are the most insidious, and the most difficult to put into practice. With step-by-step preparations, however, even the most complex recipes will become within everyone’s reach. There is nothing more beautiful than bringing a homemade dessert to the table with your own hands to celebrate an important moment simply to end a meal in joy or to indulge in a little gluttony during the day.

Quick and effective video recipes to prepare for your guests. Useful tips that will make everything easier to put into practice. Many useful ideas for everyday life and for the most particular situations.

Discover all the video recipes that Mamma Mia Che Buono has designed and created for you. You will learn the tricks and secrets of preparing many Italian dishes. A collection of videos accompanied by texts that clearly and simply illustrate how to make my recipes. These video recipes will follow you step by step in the preparation of delicious dishes. Amaze your guests and delight the palates of everyone’s family: with my video recipes, cooking true Italian cuisine has never been easier!

A collection of videos accompanied by texts that clearly and simply illustrate how to make our recipes, from the simplest to the most complex.