Among the recipes in this section, you will find many useful tips for making a tasty soup with a light flavor, perfect to be enjoyed in the winter months, hot and spiced with herbs and aromas. In fact, during autumn and winter, soups are an excellent solution to fight the cold with a hot and nutritious dish. Thanks to poor ingredients we can create many recipes and indulge the imagination with soups with mushrooms, legumes, or cereals such as barley and spelled. They are all delicious and refined, also perfect for a lunch with many guests.

The recipes for soups are truly endless, you just need to be able to assemble the ingredients correctly and just cook them in broth or water, until everything has taken on flavor. With a little experience, this can be done easily. Preparing a nice hot soup during this period could also be an original idea to get rid of some leftovers in the refrigerator.

We offer you tasty and good soups at the same time. The proposed list concerns very different soups, all special and to try in autumn and winter based on the seasonal products you can find. But you will also find some soups that can be eaten cold in summer such as the famous and traditional Italian recipe: pappa al pomodoro.

Soups can be prepared in many different ways, with legumes, cereals, with vegetable broth in some cases you can add cream, but the undisputed protagonists of soups are vegetables, nutritious and rich in nutritional properties that protect us from seasonal ailments and help our body to perform its functions in the best possible way.

We can also prepare them as a quick single dish to serve at dinner. They are also an excellent solution for people who have to follow a low-calorie diet: being almost completely based on vegetables and legumes, they lend themselves to being dietary and nutritious, thus satisfying without adding too many calories.

Usually, to add some carbohydrates to the dish, soups are served with warm croutons. Preparing them is very simple: take homemade bread, even stale, cut into small pieces or strips and put it in the oven for 10 minutes. Croutons can also be fried to make them tastier, but it is not recommended if you are on a diet or suffer from high cholesterol because they add a lot of calories to the soup.

Alternatively, especially if you have guests for dinner and want to make a good impression, serve your soup in loaves of hollowed out bread as in the photo at the beginning of this article. You will see: they will all be amazed! You can also make your soups even more delicious by adding cubes of bacon or speck as they often do in northern Italy. In this section you will find hints, tips and directions to create appetizing soup recipes with cereals and flours, meat, fish, cheeses and dairy products. Find out now how to make tasty and healthy soup recipes, perfect for your dinners with friends or your lunches in the office. Mamma mia che buon offers you many original ideas, easy and quick to make with your favorite ingredients, wherever you are.

With the simple proposals of Mamma mia che good you can create excellent dishes of great success.